Our Next Shoot is August 26-27th 2017


We are very thankful to have a wonderful set of sponsors.  Please patron these business as they have helped to make our club what it is today.

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Shoot Rules

Wondering what our rules are?  Questioning classes available, or maximum yardage? Do we allow crossbows, rangefinders, etc... Click below to find out.

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The following are ways to get results: email, Facebook and here on the website.  If you gave us your email, you should be on the list and should get an email after the shoot with the results attached.  If that's not the case, send an email to seven_oaks_archery@yahoo.com asking to be added to the list.

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What makes our club unique?

We are here to help provide the experience just right for you, your equipment, and your skill level.  We have plenty of classes to shoot in so you can find one that fits your comfort level and type of equipment.  We welcome Crossbows and Rangefinders in the appropriate class.  Binos can be used for all classes.

Are you or your child new to archery and don't have equipment?  Thanks to our sponsors, we have adult and youth/child adjustable bows and arrows available at the club for you to use.  They are on a first come first serve basis for anyone whether you are new to archery, you don't have equipment, or you have equipment failure and would like to finish our course.

We have random prize drawings at our club.   We understand that not everyone is in it to win it, or their skill levels might not be where they would like them to be, but it sure makes it more fun knowing that you might win something. Each shoot we choose one winner for the large door prize.  If you attend all of our shoots for the year, you are entered into a grand prize drawing.


Interested in becoming a member...

Don't think your fun at the club has to end when the shoot is done.  Become a member today!  We are glad that you find our club inviting and a place you'd like to be a part of.  Follow the link to our membership page, print a membership application and or contact one of the officers for more information.