Upcoming Shoot: May 25-26th, 2024 

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Annual 3D Archery Shoots are held in March, April, May, and August. Shoot nights for members and guests are scheduled Friday nights April - August.


Rules / FAQ
Wondering what our rules are? What classes are available? What's max yardage? Do we allow crossbows, rangefinders, etc...


After the shoot, they are available via Email, Facebook, and here. If you're not getting email results, click this link to go to our email signup page.

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We are thankful to have sponsors. Please patronize these businesses as they have helped to make our club what it is today.

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Email Signup
Click Here to get on the list. By signing up here, you are signing up to get an email before each of our shoots and also the results. That's it. We won't send other emails, and you can unsubscribe at anytime if you no longer wish to receive them.

Become a member...
Don't think your fun at the club has to end when the shoot is done. Become a member today! We are glad that you find our club inviting and a place you'd like to be a part of. Our membership page has applications and more information.

Need Equipment? - No problem.
Are you or your child new to archery and don't have equipment? We have adult and youth/child adjustable bows and arrows available at the club for you to use. They are on a first come first serve basis.


Everyone Wins at 7 Oaks!
We have prize drawings at every shoot. People find it fun to come to our shoots knowing they might win something even if they didn't have the greatest day on the course! Each shoot we choose one winner for the door prize from those who attend and hand in their shoot cards. We also draw 2 random shooters to win a free shoot pass.  All cubs get a prize just for coming too!

Thinking you would like to come, but might not be able to traverse our trails? 
Don't worry, just contact Access Ability WI to rent a track chair.  You don't need to be disabled to rent one of these really cool track wheelchairs.  Anyone who has mobility issues that is keeping you from coming to our shoots or any other event can contact this company to rent a track chair.  The rental is free, but they do charge a $50 security deposit.  The chairs come with an enclosed trailer so when you rent it, you just have to have a vehicle to tow it with. More information can be found on their website -  https://www.accessabilitywi.org/