This is like league for our club.

This event is free for memebers and $5.00 for guests.

These shoots typically start at 6pm.  We like everyone to arrive by 5:30 or call an officer who is there to let them know you are coming.  We draw cards for partners and shoot two rounds.

This is a family event and kids and wives are encouraged to come out.  Kids walk up to the targets and shoot where they feel comfortable.  We do have genesis bows for kids to use if they don't have their own equipment.

Our Typical Friday night shoot follows is format:  We do a stadium style shoot where we shoot at ten 3D targets on the practice range.  First round is used for flighting into winners and losers.  Second round is shot and then the winners of each bracket shoot off for the shoot night winner.  Typically this is a long distance shot agreed upon by both winning teams.  Winner gets bragging rights until the next shoot.

New for 2023, in April, we are going to do a Friday night 3-d scramble where everyone shoots the short 3-D course and then we will flight everyone to do a shoot off up at the range with a few 3-D targets.

Sometimes after these shoot we get out the headlamps and do a Coon shoot.

Campfire and stories also start after the shoot is over.

Food and beverages are available for purchase at discounted prices.

Fun time is had by all.

shoot night 2
coon shoot