What is max yardage?

Elite - Yellow Stakes - 50 yards

No Rangefinder / Rangefinder / Cross-bow - Orange stakes - 40 yards

Women / Youth / Traditional - White Stakes - 30 yards

Cubs - Blue stakes - 20 yards - if too young to shoot that far, have them shoot where they are comfortable.

Can we use binoculars?

Yes, we feel this puts everyone on even playing terms and also mimics a more real hunting situation.

Are crossbows welcome?

Of course! We want you to practice for hunting and what better way than to shoot at animals.

How much does it cost to shoot the course?

Adult (17 yo and older) $12

Youth (Age 12-16) - $6

Cubs (Age 11 and under) - Free with paid adult

Family Maximum = $30

How much is it to shoot the course the second time during the same shoot?

Same price.

Is food available?

We serve burgers, brats, and hotdogs along with a good selection of snacks and beverages available at the clubhouse.  We stock a cooler about half way thru the course with drinks and candy bars.

What type of targets do you use?

All targets are 3D.  We have a mix of both Rinehart and McKenzie.

Do you have moving targets?

Yes, we have two spinning targets at #1 and #2.  And we have a rolling target at #29.

Are bathrooms available?

We have an permanent outhouse building with a separate men's and women's side.

Do you have apparel for sale?

Yes.  We have a selection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats at the club in different sizes and colors.  Ask at registration to see items available and prices of merchandise.

How long are shoot passes held for winners?

Free shoot passes for winners - will be kept for 3 years in the bin and then tossed if not picked up.


Rules for Rangefinder class

This is meant to be shot from the orange steak. If you want to shoot the yellow farther stakes, you can but your name will go in with everyone else who shot the orange stakes. All types of equipment are included in one class (eg. movable vs. fixed sights, release vs. fingers).

Have another question not listed, or a suggestion?

Feel free to go to the contacts page and call an officer or board member, or send us an email at seven_oaks_archery@yahoo.com