Cost - Increase January 2024
$15 for Adults
$10 for Youth
Cubs - Free
Family Max $40

Binoculars -
They are allowed in all classes at our club

Rangefinders -
Elite and Men's No rangefinder classes cannot use a rangefinder.
All women, cubs, and youth can use them.

New for 2024 - We will have 2 Rangefinder classes for Men - Elite Rangefinder shooting from the yellow stake and a Men's Bowhunter rangefinder class shooting from the orange steak.  If only rangefinder is circled on the score card, and not a color steak, your score will be entered in the Bowhunter rangefinder class.

Classes and Max yardages-
Cubs to age 11- Blue Stakes - Max 20 yards.
Women / Youth Age 12-16 / Traditional - White Stakes Max 30 yards
Rangefinder / No-Rangefinder / Crossbow - Orange steak - Max 40 yards.
Elite No rangefinder - Yellow Steak - Max 50 yards.

Types of targets -
We have a mix of both McKenzie and Reinheart targets. We are heavy on the McKenzie side of things.

Moving targets -
We have two moving targets first one is spinning turkeys when they are working at one and two. Second moving target is at the end and is a bear that rolls down a track.

Crossbows -
These are allowed at our club.

Equipment -
We do have spare genesis bows that can be used on the course if your equipment fails, or you want to bring someone with that doesn't have equipment. They are on a first come first serve basis. Just ask at registration to get set up.

Novelty shoots -
We have a cracker shoot. Pay $1 to shoot 3 arrows. Enter your name into a drawing for 50% of the pot at the end of the shoot for every cracker you break. Get lucky and break all 3 and you get a free drink on us. Winner will be contacted after the shoot and posted on the results for that shoot.

Food -
We do have food and beverages to purchase on site. We also stock a cooler half way in the course to quench your thirst or satisfy your sugar craving mid way thru.

Shoot Class Winners -
Winners are based on 3-6-9 meaning if 3 people are in the class a first place will be awarded. If 6 people are in the class there will also be a 2nd place, and if 9 people are in the class there will be a 3rd place given out as well. All shoot winners will earn a free shoot pass that you can pick up at any of the next shoots. Passes not picked up after 3 years are discarded. For all prize winners please visit our Shoot Prize page.

Results -
These are sent via email and posted on facebook and on this website. Click here to go to the results page on this website. They are put together by volunteers and sometimes there are mistakes. Unfortunately since these are put together by volunteers and it takes time to post them, all results are final. If you're not getting results emailed to you and you would like to get on the list, just CLICK HERE.

Apparel -

We have T-shirts, and Hooded sweatshirts in stock at the club sizes Youth Large thru Adult 2X.  We also have hats and can cozies available at the club.  If you need alternate sizes, we do order apparel about once a year and can add different sizes at that time. Email if you would like to get on a list for different sizes.

Have another question that isn't answered?
email us:
Call our Secretary - Amy Tibbits at 608-574-8798.