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As a member of the club, you can shoot the outdoor 3d targets anytime other than a scheduled shoot along with the outdoor range for free.  After our May shoot during the summer, there is a short 3D course set up to save our good targets. We ask that if you bring non-members that they throw $5 in the mailbox.  Please note, you have to be a member or come with a member to shoot our course on a non-shoot weekend.

 Other Membership Benefits:

  • Access to the building to purchase snacks at a member price
  • Ability to use the facilities for gatherings per board approval.
  • Discounted food / drinks during club events
  • Fun Shoots

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Single Membership

  • ____ $  20.00    Annual
  • ____ $  50.00    Lifetime - Initial Payment (Maintenance fee waived 1st year)
  • ____ $  10.00    Lifetime - Annual Maintenance Fee*

Family Membership (Includes 2 adults and all children under 18)

  • ____ $  30.00    Annual
  • ____ $100.00    Lifetime - Initial Payment (Maintenance fee waived 1st year)
  • ____ $  20.00    Lifetime - Annual Maintenance Fee*

Clubhouse access – Keypad number given to Board Members.  Contact a board member if you need access.

$_____________Total Due

Please pay online, send completed form and check made payable to Seven Oaks Archery to c/o Amy Tibbits; 760 Lost Grove Rd; Mineral Point WI 53565, or drop in the secured mail slot outside the clubhouse.

*  Annual Maintenance fee is waived if a lifetime member worked 8 hours at the club the prior year.  Not sure if you put in your hours, contact the secretary.

Note: Member time sheets are outside the clubhouse - make sure to fill those out when you work so you get credit.  If none are there, write on a slip of paper and put in the mailbox or send an email to

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Click the button for a printable Membership application.  Fill it out and drop it in the mail or put it in the mailbox at the clubhouse!